Legal Clinic is a structural unit of a Faculty of Social Sciences at IBSU, which provides opportunities for law direction students to put theoretical knowledge into practice, also to expand their knowledge and to enhance it. Student's readiness for independent work in conditions of modern requirements will be checked within the frameworks of the Clinic. Program will be conducted on the basis of the relevant syllabus, led by practicing lawyers, by engaging students in real or simulated environments, by organizing student attendance on trials, and also by provision of free legal service to customers. Activities such as: mastering of client’s interviewing technic, preparation of legal documents, texing ethics and advocacy skills, mastering case law analysis methodology, depending client’s interest through legal representation, should be especially noted. All the abovementioned, in general, allows the student to acquire and improve professional skills of case analysis and processing. Access to real cases is ensured through university’s internal marketing service and through cooperation with legal partner advisory institutions, NGOs and inetnational organizations. Moot court case modeling and simulations are carried out by the clinic's lawyers in close cooperation with university’s academic personnel. The clinic is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students.