Head of Research Center

Dr. Nika Chitadze is a specialist in Caucasus geopolitics, World Politics and strategic affairs. He is currently the Director of the Center for International Studies, Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the International Black Sea University in Tbilisi, Georgia. He is also President of the George C. Marshall Alumni Union, Georgia – International and Security Research Center.  Dr. Chitadze previously served as senior advisor on the National Security Council of Georgia and was Head of the Public Relations Division of the State Agency for Regulation of Oil and Gas Resources of Georgia. He has also held senior positions in the Department of Strategic and Military Policy at the Georgian Ministry of Defense and foreign policy research and analysis center of the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Dr. Chitadze has received his educational credentials in Georgia ((Tbilisi State University – (where he got Ph.D. Degree) and Diplomatic Academy of Georgia)) as well as several international higher educational institutions, including Oxford University in the UK, George C. Marshall European College for Security Studies (Germany) and several other well known European educational institutions. He is author of the about 170 researches and articles and six books on Geopolitics, political geography and International Relations.