Applicants are encouraged to explore following topics in local as well as comparative perspectives:
-Economic reforms, policies and business development in the Caucasus Region-South Caucasus economic integration with the European Union;

-The devaluation of national currencies, economic challenges in the Caucasus Region;

-Economic perspectives of the Caucuses Region as a transit hub between East and West;

-Perspectives and challenges of sustainable economic growth in the Caucasus Region;

-Unemployment and labor mobility within the region.


International Relations and Political Science


-The Caucasus: Challenges to regional security

-“Frozen Conflicts” of the Caucasus Region – challenges and resolution agenda;

-Threat of terrorism to the regional stability in the Caucasus;

-Caucasus and the European integration;

-Presence of international organizations in the Caucasus;

-Small states in international relations;

-South Caucasus Neighborhood Policy.



Public Administration and State Governance


-Public sector reforms across the Caucasus: best practices and challenges;

-Open Government Partnership in the Caucasus (Improving Public Services, Increasing Public Integrity, More –Effectively Managing Public Resources, Creating Safer Communities);

-Civic Engagement in Public Policy-making in the Caucasus region;

-Political system: general trends of development the presidential and parliamentary governance;

-Party politics: nature of political parties and party systems;

-Democratization and authoritarianism: challenges for democracy and authoritarianism empowering tendencies;

-Election systems, behavior of electorate and political communication;

-Political culture, political involvement, activism and social movements.





-Freedom of expression and challenges to regional media;

-Media ethics in the region;

-Information challenges related to the EU integration in Georgian Media.


Interdisciplinary Section


-General trends of sustainable development in the Caucasus Region;

-Gender issues in the Caucasus Region;

-Migration process in and out of the Caucasus Region;

-Family and Marriage;

-Deviation and the crime;

-Education and the challenges related with it in the Caucasus Region;

-Conflicts and their resolution;

-Cultural Transformation in South Caucasus.