Project “Economics For Beginners” was founded in the spring semester of 2018 at the International Black Sea University in Tbilisi, Georgia. The project was founded by the initiative of the students at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The target group for Economics For Beginners, also abbreviated as EFB, is the students of secondary schools (specifically, from 9th to 12th grade). EFB aims to foster the curiousity towards active life, excellent academic performance, and networking, in brief. International Black Sea University fully understands that the future of our country depends on youth, therefore it aims to help young people develop crucial skills that will be necessary to make our world a better place to live.

The project aims to develop skills of students, such as:

1) Critical thinking and reasoning,

2) Networking,

3) Confidence,

4) Public Speaking and working with the audience

5) Collaboration

6) Team work

7) Achieving the maximum in a very competitive environment

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