International Relations

BA Programme in International Relations was launched in 2010 and is the largest at the faculty. The programme is taught in Georgian as well as in English and aims at providing a modern multidisciplinary knowledge of international relations with essential input from political science, economic and legal disciplines relevant to the field. The programme strengthens students’ competitiveness on the labor market through combining theoretical knowledge with practice. The programme extensively covers world history, philosophy and sociology which builds a solid ground for the Major Specialty courses, such as history and theory of International relations, international organizations, negotiations and conflict resolution etc. Graduates of the BA Programme in International Relations will have an opportunity to commence a career in government bodies with main focus on foreign and security policy, International Organizations, as well as NGOs, think tanks and private companies.


The BA program in Economics was established in 2011 and offers studies in English as well as in Georgian. It introduces students to macro- and microeconomic theory, monetary and fiscal policies, models of international economics. In addition, students will obtain a knowledge in evaluation of world economy as well as become familiar with the key thinkers related to the field. Furthermore, the program also covers issues related to Georgian economy, its current trends and challenges. Overall the main goal of the program is to deliver a high quality education that will enable the graduates to meet international standards and provide the labor market with a highly qualified workforce. The undergraduate program provides an excellent background for those who plan careers in government and private enterprise as well as those pursuing graduate degrees in professional schools or in the field of economics.

Public Administration and State Governance

The BA Program in Public Administration and State Governance was launched in 2013 and is aimed at supplying Georgian public sector with qualified civil servants. The program offers studies in Georgian as well as in English. Under the bachelor studies students will become familiar with principles of management and the state, public administration theory and practice in comparative perspective. In addition to the specific knowledge of the field the program also centers its attention on sharpening universal skills such as management, leadership, project management, budgeting etc. Students will also complete an internship at public and non-governmental sectors. The experience will undoubtedly polish the skills extremely needed for qualified civil servants and every individual engaged in the field. After completing the program the graduates will be able to target the public sector, both, on central and local government level, administrations of legislative as well as executive branches, non-governmental bodies, international organizations and private companies.


Georgian-taught BA Program in Journalism is the most resent program of the faculty launched in 2014. The program design provides an opportunity to learn core courses of the specialization and deepen student’s knowledge through elective courses in accordance with his/her interests. The University infrastructure and facilities set a venue for students to get a hands-on-experience from freshman year, conduct interviews and polish reporting skills. The faculty also runs a media club where students often host politicians, celebrities and opinion-makers. Furthermore, IBSU also supports the student newspaper. Graduates of the Program will have a wide range of employment opportunities in print and electronic media outlets, as well as Press Offices of different companies, organizations and government bodies.