Study Process Administrator of BA Programme in International Relations, Invited Lecturer

Currently Sopo is a Ph.D. student at Tbilisi State University. She has graduated from international MA programme “Transformation in South Caucasus” offered by the Center for Social Sciences, Tbilisi State University. In the framework of the BA programme Sopo has studied at Tbilisi State University and Vilnius University. Her background includes working experience as an intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Department of International Organizations, Division of the Council of Europe. She was an intern at the Parliament of Georgia, Department of International Relations and completed another internship program at the BTKK – Policy Research Group.
Sopo is currently delivering courses on Principles of Civil Society and Professional English. She has accomplished internship programs and practice at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, the Parliament of Georgia, and Policy Research Group – BTKK. She was also involved into the joint professional program initiated by the University of North Texas and Free University of Georgia where she acquired the Certificate of Public Policy Analyst.

Office: A511
Extension: 154