Students’ Ranking System (SRS) is a project initiated by the Faculty of Social Sciences which is aimed at launching a ranking system in accordance with students’ active engagement in extracurricular activities as well as their academic performance.

The main goal of SRS is to determine the students’ ranking according to the preliminarily agreed criteria where certain points are assigned to particular criterion. The threshold of summed grades is not defined in advance, the highest point will be leveled to 100%. (e.g. if student’s highest point is 150 points, it will be leveled to 100% and the ratio of grades will be calculated accordingly)

  • The top student will get s a monthly scholarship of 100 GEL during the upcoming semester;
  • The second and third place students of the ranking system will get additional 10% discount of the University tuition fee; if the student already has a full funding , he/she will get a course offered by the  IBSU Training Center for free. ;
  • The fourth, fifth and sixth place students will get a right to take a course offered by the IBSU Training Center for free.
  • The seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth place students of the ranking system will receive a  50 GEL gift cards from book store;
  • The first 25 students of the ranking  will participate in long-run projects   designed specifically for them, such as study trips, summer schools and related educational events

For further information check the following documents:

  • Students’ Ranking System Guidebook;
  • Students’ Ranking System scheme;
  • Students’ Ranking System scheme with the list of documents;
  • Current Application.

Contact Person: Nino Samkharadze


Office: Room 512, 5th floor, administrative building